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can be purchased at the HOA Office /Welcome Center on week days from 11am-5pm. 


The Office is closed on Wednesday and weekends. 

Residents, Renters, Lake Jovita Golf & Country staff - $50 cash or check
All others - $75 cash or check

The HOA/Welcome Center WILL NOT give out any transponders if the vehicle is not here for us to apply the transponder. If you need more than one transponder, we will need all vehicles on site in order to issue them. Your driver’s license and/or registration will not work if the vehicle is not present. It’s a safety factor as well as the policy of the HOA. No exceptions, sorry for any inconvenience. Transponders are non-transferable and once removed from the windshield from the originally installed location they are no longer a valid transponder. 


When using the transponder lane please approach slowly, stop and proceed carefully through the gate one car at a time. The HOA is not responsible for damage to vehicles from gate closure when the rules are not followed by the entrant. Tailgating is not permitted. The gate is designed to admit only one vehicle at a time.

If you have a guest staying for an extended period of time, it will be necessary to complete an Extended Gate Pass Applicaton for access to the community.  House guests can apply for an extended gate pass from the Gate House with approval from the HOA office.

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