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We often face challenges in life where we must choose between an obligation and a personal belief. This is not an enviable position but a necessary one. Such is the choice of an HOA Board of Directors.


For those that were present, live or by Zoom, at the LJHOA Annual Meeting you heard the frustration of some homeowners from The Heathers Community. Their roof issue(s) are longstanding and well precede the present day Board of Directors. None the less it is still ongoing.


At the inception of LJ , legal documents were drafted and adopted addressing the governance of our community. These same documents “mandate “ what and how we maintain the values of our homes. We have been requested to alter these but without a community-wide vote of the residents we are not permitted to do so. This alternative has been unequivocal conveyed to these residents.


The Board, although sympathetic, must adhere to the Covenants in an effort to fulfill our fiduciary obligation to ALL residents.




LJ Board of Directors

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