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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Firstly and on behalf of your Board of Directors I wish to thank you for taking the time to vote and attend our Annual Meeting. It is my pleasure to announce Ms. Maria Bletso has been elected as the first woman member of this Board. Welcome Maria!

As you may have heard Mr. Ronnie Deese, my predecessor and a current VP at WREC, has made good on his promise to deed over the Welcome Center to our HOA. I’m sure he’d appreciate your personal thanks.


Volunteers will soon pressure wash and paint our new offices from which we will broadcast/Zoom

future Board meetings. Annual meetings will continue to be held at the LJ Golf Club.

Soon a monthly schedule of meetings will be posted on the LJ Website, email blasted and posted at our Offices. If you haven’t provided your email kindly contact us.


Our goals are:

  • to be proactive and address an aging infrastructure;

  • continue to invest our pool reserves in high yielding FDIC insured accounts;

  • consider utilizing technology in an effort to provide greater safety, services and surveillance;

  • beautification of our common grounds; and

  • securing a permanent address for our HOA Offices.

We encourage you to join a committee and/or volunteer to help us help you. Many hands make light work. Please feel free to mail/email your questions, comments and expressions of gratitude.

Respectfully, L. Anzalone, President LJHOA Bd of Directors

From The President    2-06-24

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