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Lake Jovita (LJ) Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The Lake Jovita CERT is made up of LJ residents who volunteer to help fellow residents in the event of a disaster such as a hurricane or tornado.  The purpose of CERT is to prepare for, and respond to potential disruptions, hazards, and personal safety concerns in the LJ community immediately following a disaster, when professional emergency first responders are delayed or unavailable.

The CERT is trained to search through our neighborhood, assessing damage and looking for households that may need assistance due to structural damage or other physical needs. The CERT Medical team has even pre-staged some basic medical supplies useful for emergency first aid. 

If you lived in the area in December 25, 2006 you’ll never forget the F2 tornado that damaged over 100 homes in Tampa Bay Golf & CC just on the other side of I-75. Also, many of us remember September 10, 2017 when hurricane Irma’s Category 2 eye passed directly over our community at 3 am leaving property damage, and power outages in her wake. More than 50 roads were closed due to downed power lines, fallen trees, and flooding in Pasco County. 


Fortunately, Lake Jovita had a Community Emergency Response Team to help with Irma’s recovery.


CERT is always looking for new members and additional help to effectively perform its mission for Lake Jovita.  If you are interested in becoming a CERT member, please contact the HOA office (352-567-7000) and you will be directed to the appropriate Team leader. 

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