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Structural Alterations & Additions
  • A copy of your lot survey showing to-scale-placement and dimensions of addition.
  • A copy of the contractor’s plans
  • Materials and colors

Screen Enclosure

  • A copy of your lot survey showing to-scale-placement & dimensions of enclosure.

  •  Materials and colors

Poured Concrete Slabs, Walkways, Patios, etc.

  •  A copy of your lot survey showing to-scale-placement & dimensions of concrete slab, walkway, etc.

Roof replacement

  • Manufacturer’s color palette or sample tile/shingle

  • Must follow subdivision restrictions

  •  No tin roofs

  • No flat roofs

Landscaping (Not including trees)

Architectural changes include but are not limited to: 


For a new mailbox or replacement parts please click the link below:

ASAP Mailbox 

Phone number 877-272-7624 or 239-262-1165

Creative Mailbox Designs

Phone Number 813-818-7100


1-  Get a copy of the “Lake Jovita HOA Application for Architectural Review” – either from the Welcome Center or the Lake Jovita website.

2-  You will then choose: “House painting colors in the approved palette” -  from the 26 approved palettes from the Sherwin Williams HOA color archive.  You can also choose from any of the ICI color palettes that are also approved. The book with these colors is located in the Welcome Center. “House painting for colors not in approved palette” – these are colors of your own choosing.  OR:


You can also search for Sherwin Williams HOA color archive online – then choose Florida, Dade City, and Lake Jovita from the pull down menu. Here you will see the approved palettes.

3-  Fill out the application.  For colors in the approved palette – just indicate which palette you have chosen. For colors not in the approved palette – list the colors (and paint brand) of all colors you plan to use, stating where on the house each will be painted (e.g. Body, trim,
doors). Also attach color chips from the manufacturer to your application.


In some cases, the committee will request that you paint 12” x 12” squares on your house so that the members can see them on your house.

4-  Submit the application to the Welcome Center. Your colors will be considered by the ARC, and you will then be contacted after their decision.

Heathers Approved Roof Palette - Click on Below Company names to see color choices

Westlake Roofing: Saxony 900 Slate  

  • Colors not approved in this palette are: Buckskin, Sterling, Florida Blend, White, Palm Island Green, Mottled White Blend

Eagle Roofing Products - Bel Air

  • Colors not approved in this palette are: Flintridge Gray, Royal Palm, Dark Charcoal, Bloomingdale Blend, Grays peak Range, Walnut Creek Blend, Grass Valley Range Copper, Grays Peak Range Copper, Bridgeport Blend Copper

Crown Roof Tiles - Windsor Slate

  • Colors not approved in this palette are: Polar White, Madera Blend, New Florida Blend, Charcoal Black Blend, Thunderstorm Blend, Moonlight Gray Blend and Ashbrown Blend

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